Lago Deseado en Tierra del Fuego

Lago Deseado in Tierra del Fuego We will locate orselves in a Lodge located on the shores of the Deseado Lake, on the southern side of the great Island of Tierra del Fuego. Surrounded in silence and beauty that very few places on earth can offer, it delivers a perfect atmosphere for resting and enjoy. […]

Birding in Tierra del Fuego

Birding in Tierra del Fuego This tour starts from your hotel in Punta Arenas leaving at 06 am in the morning driving towards Primera Angostura to take the ferry and cross the Strait of Magellan in the narrowest trech of sea waters to get to Tierra del Fuego.  Bahía Lomas the birds sanctuary is one

King Penguins Reserve in Tierra del Fuego

King Penguins Reserve in Tierra del Fuego The beautiful, ancient and strange island of Tierra del Fuego, in a past storied with shipwrecks, natives and failed missions. In Tierra del Fuego, the scenery is outstanding, from the scoured plains, rusted peat bogs and mossy lenga forests to the snowy ranges above the Beagle Channel. The

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