King Penguins Reserve in Tierra del Fuego

The beautiful, ancient and strange island of Tierra del Fuego, in a past storied with shipwrecks, natives and failed missions. In Tierra del Fuego, the scenery is outstanding, from the scoured plains, rusted peat bogs and mossy lenga forests to the snowy ranges above the Beagle Channel.

The capital city in the Chilean side of the Island, is Porvenir a beautiful settlement in the Island, as a former port for European immigrants during the 1883s gold rush, Porvenir has played host to a diverse mix of residents.

After driving along pampas with several stops on the way for photographic spots nature, history and beautiful views of the Strait of Magellan and the continent. We arrive to the King Penguins Reserve.

This is where. we will get an interesting speech from one of the park ranges of the colony and after a quite short walk we will be able to watch these magnificent birds and the baby ones in their natural habitat. 

Photographs Parque Pinguino Rey

The penguins reserve

To develop tourism with no intervention in the colony is for sure the Penguins Reserve goal. That is  the reason we get up every day and do what we do in Patagonia.  Most importantly, it keeps pushing us to achieve bigger and better things with each new challenge.
Come and enjoy these magnificent birds in Parque Pinguino Rey with amazing views of Bahía Inútil in the Strait of Magellan.

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