Highlights of Punta Arenas

This tour is a great introduction to the local history of the area.

Places to be visited:

–          Main Square.

–          The cross hill lookout for a panoramic view.

–          National Monument Cemetery of Punta Arenas

–          Nao Victoria Museum

–          Punta Arenas prominade & the best photostops


The Plaza de Armas where the Jose Menéndez statue in honor to the discoverer of the Strait of Magellan is. Come and learn about all the important significance of all the different items parts of  the statue and what to do if you wish to come back

Nao victora museum

One of the best displays of the local maritime history. Find one of the carracks of the expedition of Ferdinand Magellan, go on the Beagle where Charles Darwin was part of the crew in one of the voyages of this beautiful Cherokee type ship, the small boat built by Ernest Shackleton´s crew to go to Elephant Island and of course the great one sent in 1843 by the Chilean government to come and take possesion of the Strait of Magellan.

National Monument graveyard of Punta Arenas

Perfect avenues of cipress trees, amazing counstructions of the immigrant families in Punta Arenas, the ones who did come in a long journey from different corners of the World.

This tour includes:

-English and Spanish speaking guide.

This tour does not includes:

 -Entrance tickets to Cemetery and museum.

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