Río Verde photography, landscaping and birding

One of the favourite places to go and see if you have just one day in Punta Arenas, or perhaps to add it to your drive to Puerto Natales is Rio Verde known to be the gaucho’s comune in Patagonia. The favorite places to go birding all a great opportunity to see scenery and wildlife in the area. 

Come and see how pampas look like, these endless extensions of territory are a portal to the most exciting natural sceneries of Patagonia, snow-capped mountains part of the Andes, the Fitz Roy canal, a glimpse of Riesco Island and we will drive along typical estancias of the area.

For sure Rio Verde will fulfill your expectations of what Patagonia is in your mind. And I will be very happy to show you this area of the remoteness landscapes and fauna of this huge territory of Chile.

Wildlife & birding

ABOVE THE SWIMMING SNOW…. a long black question. 

Pablo Neruda refering to Black necked swans 

The commune is located in the area surrounding Seno Skyring, a sea inlet north of this sheep ranching island named Riesco.  This is where the excursions to go and watch condors gliding in windy skies make it so attractive to travelers from all over the globe. Photography of old  English like estancia constructions are unique where the open skies are once the new home of a great and adventurous oil painter from the US who changed his life to move to a beautiful and melancholy house in Río Verde.

Tours to watch condors in the wild 

We can also add a 2.5 hours extension to this trip visiting Estancia Olga Teresa for their incredible tour to watch condors in their natural habitat.

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